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We live in a world of open access to information, significant opportunities for travel, and the huge possibilities for expanding our personal horizons, mentally and physically. However, prejudice and the related costs for organisations, cease to abate. This is because there are borders in the mind, created by up-bringing, education, teachers, faith,  media, and these often become barriers to personal and organisational growth. Familiarity is safe and predictable. Evidence shows that people in positions of power and influence often have narrow minds and outlook, and this adversely impacts their organisations and leadership capabilities. Investing in the training of leaders and managers, which helps them develop a borderless mind, can be very helpful in meeting legal equality requirements and at the same time, enabling such influential people to raise their performance and productivity in a fun and creative way.

  • Instead of fitting in, people and organisations in this dynamic modern world need to fit out more and more. They need to think of a global audience and market and develop different ways of understanding this audience and tapping into its potential.
  • We need a gymnastics of the mind, in the context of people, ideas and methods. This will open up creativity and innovation and hugely improve employee performance.
  • For organisations to make change, and ensure it is sustainable, leaders and managers need to understand the borders in their own minds, the layers of prejudice, and the limitations these create. These efforts will also meet their legal obligations.
  • Change agents can facilitate this process and help organisations transform themselves. This will lead to impacts which are sustainable, rather than simply ticking boxes and fulfilling legal rules, which often do not leave a positive impression of diversity.
  • Techniques of removing borders should be explained to help people reap the benefits of different cultures, wisdoms and arts which comprise the planet’s heritage. We need to admit and acknowledge what we don’t know, and be open to challenge and possibilities for creative growth. Fortunately, Britain has the world at its doorstep. All these wisdoms and resources are within reach.

Diverse Ethics can develop a bespoke training programme for your organisation to enable borderless minds.

Let's Partner Up to Solve Your Organization's Toughest Challenges


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