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I spent most of January 2024 in India, visiting various Universities, giving guest lectures and opening dialogues on Ethical Finance, and conducting field research on the Indian philosophy and culture of sustainable finance. Yes you read correctly – India has a long history and tradition of sustainable finance which the world is hardly aware of, giving significant opportunities for reforming science and education. From India, I wrote a number of articles and features for iGlobal on a variety of themes

Gautam Swami, a patron saint for Jain entrepreneurs
Leaders gathered at Flame University for an innovative Heart Intelligence Retreat with Vallabh Bhanshali and Nipun Mehta
Religion and Belief goes to the very heart and soul of India – Gods are everywhere and for everyone

A living museum of culture and heritage, where the old and the new merge and invigorate everyday life

A country where religiosity and spirituality is so central to everyday life that people self-regulate their conduct and behaviour, and tradition, family values, charity and community are alive and vibrant everywhere

Students were enthralled by my testimony on UK audit failures and inspired to practice public interest protection in their professional life, even if it means personal risk.

There is significant educational innovation in Higher Education, which I witnessed at Ahmedabad University and at Flame University, where the Liberal Arts approach, embedded with a respect for Indian culture and history is making a significant difference to student learning and development. The students there asked outstanding questions and showed a deep curiosity for developing an Ethical and Responsible Finance. I am thankful to Prof Devendra Jain at Flame University and Prof Sudhir Pandey at Ahmedabad University. I also addressed an international Jainism conference at Gujarat University, hosted by Dr. Jitubhai Shah, where the audience were very compelled by my analysis of the unique Jain approach to finance and entrepreneurship.

Jain Monks are living spiritual teachers and guides to business leaders
Dr Jitubhai Shah host of the Jain International Conference at Gujarat University, 2024