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Three decades of international research and education have led to a revolutionary new approach to accounting and finance science and education which places sustainability as its central focus. Conducted by Professor Atul K Shah is City, University of London, who originates from Gujarat, the research shows that sustainable business practices are hiding in plain sight, especially in Dharmic infused India. The research is published in a new 180 page book released globally by Routledge called ‘Inclusive and Sustainable Finance – Leadership, Ethics and Culture’. The book comprises stories and examples for contemporary business from luminaries like Dr Abhay Firodia of Force Motors and Mr Vallabh Bhanshali, founder of Enam Securities.

The research is based on interviews of global finance leaders and demonstrates that culture and wisdom have long been removed from the science and training to the detriment of ethics and responsible leadership in society. Long term success in business comes from selflessness, discipline, hard work, compassion and humility, qualities central to the Dharmic traditions of India – be it Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhist. The research and analysis in the book shows clearly how these wisdoms are so relevant to present day challenges and opportunities. The writing is very eloquent and draws from Professor Shahs experience of BBC broadcasting and teaching, using true stories to illustrate the profound business science.

Writing about the book acclaimed author Martin Palmer, CEO of FaithInvest explained –‘There is only one person in the world qualified to write from such a diverse plural perspective- and this research is more profound than any United Nations declaration.’

During his trip to India in January, Professor Atul Shah will speak at various Universities including Jindal University near Delhi and Flame University in Pune and University of Ahmedabad. He will have several meetings with finance leaders and educators in Mumbai and Pune. Renown Finance pioneer and founder of Enam Securities Mr Vallabh Bhanshali explains – ‘Professor Shah is showing a practical method of finance which has long been hiding in plain sight. Our environmental crisis forces us to think long term and act with patience, service and humility. This research is a ray of hope in a world strangled by greed, materialism and selfishness.’

Professor Atul Shah in conversation with Martin Palmer at the London Launch October 2022

Author Professor Atul K. Shah explains: ‘The pioneering leaders profiled in the book are a small example of the thousands of such people whose stories and experiences are ignored by the modern utilitarian and technocratic approach to finance science. Despite the teaching of ethics, students often graduate by seeing ethics as transactional and irrelevant to real life – diverse cultures, beliefs and communities provide context and realism.’


Notes for editor

  • Inclusive and Sustainable Finance is available from Routledge, Amazon and all good bookstores. It is published on 25 October but is available to preorder now.
  • Professor Dr Atul Keshavji Shah is a Professor of Accounting & Finance (PhD LSE) and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. He has taught at the London School of Economics, University of Bristol, University of Maryland, City, University of London, Hult International Business School, Essex University, University of Suffolk and University of Kent. He is a Visiting Lecturer in the School of Policy & Global Affairs at City, University of London, London.
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